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Go Play is a call that goes up every day – Before you Go Play get

and know!

The call of Go Play sends children to the playgrounds, sports fields and parks everywhere. Having the potential for a serious or life-changing injury is not even a consideration for the children or players as they anticipate the challenges and fun they will encounter today. However; parents, caregivers, owners, etc. do need to think of the potential for injury and need an easy to use, accurate device that allows them to make decisions related to potential changes in play behaviour or maintenance of their playground or facility.

Standards dictating performance of protective and playing surfaces containing rigorous test methods have been in existence for more than 35 years. The TRIAX systems have been and continue to be the absolute leaders and gold standard for compliance. Today TRIAX brings the GfactorGO, a portable and easy to use test device putting decision-making capability in the hands of the responsible persons. Knowing surface performance says Go Play really means Go Play.

The GfactorGO is the affordable, accurate and wireless hand operated device that allows anyone to determine the values for g (acceleration due to gravity) and HIC (head. injury criteria) prior to play

The GfactorGO gives the operator the opportunity to use the superior TRIAX technology to accurately make decisions such as maintenance or when a more rigorous test with the TRIAX2015 is required.

The GfactorGO should be an essential device for every public agency, park or school district and in every managers tool box.

For parents concerned with their young child’s healthy and active participation in play and sports, the GfactorGO will give them the capability of making decisions on intensity of their activities in relation to injury risk.

Intended Use

The Gfactor is designed as a maintenance and inspection device to assist the owner or user of a playing surface to determine the performance for g (acceleration due to gravity) and the HIC (head injury criteria) with a single drop from an operator selected drop height. The g and HIC values will be the same as those provided by the Triax series devices for the first impact drops. The ASTM F1292, F3313, EN1177 and AS4422 require that the surface be impacted from the same height to the same point 3 times as additional drops are likely to increase the g and HIC values depending upon the surface system.

The operator of the Gfactor has the advantage of making real time risk assessment decisions as to the performance of the surface and whether play should continue or behaviour modified to reduce the potential severity of injury. This freedom allows;

  • Suppliers to demonstrate compliance to their customers at installation or over the warranty period.
  • Parents, caregivers and supervisors to consider the risk of injury from a fall to the surface whether the surface is new, or there has been a weather event such as a storm or cold and make informed decisions based on accurate measurements.
  • Owners and maintainers are better able to manage their playground assets by knowing when maintenance should be performed to improve the impact attenuation or begin to plan for replacement of the surface in the future.
  • When more rigorous testing might be appropriate.


  • The Gfactor material (aluminum 6061-T6), mass (4.6kg ±(10.1lbs ±)) and circumference (160mm ±2mm (6.3” ±0.1”)) meet the requirements of ASTM F355, ASTM F1292, En1177 and AS4422
  • The Gfactor calculates and records the height of the drop for each drop.
  • The Gfactor can store the drop data for documentation with 100 drops in up to 10 folders on an SD card that can be uploaded to your PC.
  • An MEP (modular elastomeric pad) is provided to ensure the Gfactor is operational.

The Gfactor can be used on playground impact attenuating surfaces, either loose fill or synthetic, wall padding, rugby fields, and many other surfaces. Each surface type might require some user guidance or training.

The Gfactor is suspended in a raised hand and therefore might not be able to impact the same spot on the surface from the same height multiple times. A TRIAX2015 will be required for more rigorous testing.

The Gfactor is wireless and easily operated by a single person allowing the user the freedom of moving around a facility without being hampered by wires or carrying other cumbersome equipment.

Since the Gfactor is a single drop, the user will have to determine the threshold value they are prepared to accept to proceed with play without the more rigorous test.

US$ 4,995